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Rivers... An Ocean... An History!

Why ?

Why Portugal?

In an increasingly globalised economy, every year more and more of us emigrate, wanting to come and live under the sun of Portugal and, many (like me !) choose Porto ! Among us, entrepreneurs tempted by new adventure, transferred employees with their families, individuals craving something new, retirees eager to take advantage of a nem way life…


But why ???

The fiscal context ? real estate market ? gastronomy ? cost of living ? quality of life ?


These are all very good reasons !


Porto – The best compromise !

Not too big or too small… on a human scale, reconciling history and modernity, Porto is perfectly serviced by trains, highways, and planes. Porto is 2 hours by train from Lisbon and 2 hours by plane from the main European cities such as Paris, London, Rome, Frankfurt, Geneva, Madrid and with several connections per day. Porto is also in the top 5 of European cities because with easy and very pleasant livingHere life is cheaper, the weather is temperate, countless beautiful beaches await only you, and finally the Portuguese are a very welcoming people ! To all this, we must add another very important aspect :optimal safety!

Porto: Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and on the side of the river Douro, Porto is the second city of Portugal. It is the city that gave its name to Portugal (in 200 BC), when it was still called Portus Cale, it later became the capital of the « Condado » portucalense.

It is also a city known worldwide for its wine, its bridges, its architecture, its historic centre recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO, its main public university (in the 200 best world and 100 best European) and its gastronomy.

Porto develops on 45 km2 with a population of 210 thousand inhabitants. Its geographical location allows it quick access to Galicia, Coimbra, Lisbon, Algarve, etc. Porto enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

Porto is also known for its various monuments and cultural activities that mix modernity and tradition as well as its inimitable « Festa de São João » !!!!!

Porto is the region with the largest number of small and medium-sized enterprises, being also the largest contributor to exports (exports more than imports). Porto produces 40% of the country’s value added and has 50% of industrial employment.

Porto has a very good transport network, the metro that is developing, incredible highway infrastructure, an airport considered, in 2014, one of the best in the world in the category up to 5 Million passengers.

The climate : another great strength of Porto ! A sunshine rate of about 300 days/year.

In winter temperatures can vary between 5ºC and 14ºC, this season has some rainy periods that alternate with a spectacularly blue sky.

In summer temperatures can vary between 15ºC and 25ºC, sometimes exceeding 35ºC. The low thermal amplitude is due to its ocean proximity and the presence of hot current of the Golf.

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