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Moving abroad does not improvise. In order to minimize the moments of panic on D-2 of the departure and/or the bad surprises once arrived at the destination, well preparing its relocation is indispensable.

The installation abroad requires, in general, a few months of preparation, in its practical aspect : information on all administrative formalities, choice and registration in a school for children, international move…

However, you want to manage this organization yourself.

For you, we have online services to guide you.


Get ready!

Each project is a special case and will be treated by us as such. There is no magic recipe, but for your adventure to be enjoyable and enriching, it must be prepared, planned and especially accompanied.

This is why we adapt our services scrupulously to your needs but also to your wishes and aspirations. Before your arrival, we can identify your needs and start your relocation program remotely!


Tell us what you want from us !


All our services are online in an advisory and directional way :

  • Information on Portugal;
  • Administrative and legal information;
  • Needs assessment.
  • Temporary accommodation and vehicle rental;
  • Suggestion of an itinerary;
  • Financial and legal consulting;
  • Contact schools, offices or any other item in your wish list.
  • Real estate agents Networking;
  • Moving Company Networking.
  • Advice package that includes instructions on what to do and where to go;
  • Information on entry processes and registration.
Day-to-day life
  • Access to information on services and facilities such as cult places, library, community centers, sports clubs, cultural spaces, restaurants, schools…..


We propose you packages including the main services, for more simplicity!

We are here to support your goals & dreams!

Tell us how we can help you!

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