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International Mobility

Employees abroad?

Mobility management can be complex and cumbersome for companies. This is why companies in which mobility increases every year choose to outsource this work.

For companies with occasional mobility, it is also an opportunity to exchange with a relocation expert and to obtain advice on best practices in international mobility.

For employees and their families, lack of knowledge of the geographical area and the administrative and legal steps to follow, but also the cultural lag, can make the installation in the host country complex and cause many worries !

The gain is therefore multiple, at the level of the company as well as at the level of the employee and his family:

For company:

  • Direct financial gain : we will take over the employee quickly in order to avoid costly hotel nights.
  • An indirect financial gain : we organize a full day of visits to find the employee’s accommodation. It will then be fully present in the company !

For employees:

  • Real comfort :  he has a tutor who will accompany him on all of the steps, answer all of his questions and build his confidence.
  • Confidence and constancy : we offer a wide range of services for his family integration.


Outsource this service!

Small, medium company or multinational, you have special and specific needs.

In order for your employee’s mobility to be pleasant, rewarding and productive, it must be prepared, planned and especially accompanied.

This is why, even before your employees arrive, we can identify your needs and start their relocation program remotely!


Employees Mobility

  • Property pre-selection, according to your search criteria;
  • Presentation of selected property;
  • Property Visits;
  • Contract support;
  • Translation and interpreting Services.
  • Moving support;
  • Advice and support in opening daily main accounts : water, electricity, telephone, …


Your employee will always have the opportunity to access our day-to-day life services.


Business tourism

  • Organising seminars;
  • Conference attendance;
  • Meetings;
  • Customer Gifts,
  • Incentive trips.


We propose you packages including the main services, for more simplicity!

We are here to support your goals & dreams!

Tell us how we can help you!

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