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A reconnaissance trip?

A facility in a new country can be exorbitant if it is not properly lived and requires a premature return. A family reconnaissance trip for a better understanding and possibly, reverse your decision before it is too late.

The first steps in your new adventure is to understand where you’re going and what’s there for you.

In 2/3 days, you will know your real possibilities and desires of expatriation … our “discovery Pack” is the key to know the essential before the big jump!

For this first trip, we’ll help you to organize it, in order to optimize it.

Once the destination is set, we can start defining your adventure.



Each project is a special case and will be treated by us as such. There is no magic recipe, but for your adventure to be enjoyable and enriching, it must be prepared, planned and especially accompanied.

This is why we adapt our services scrupulously to your needs but also to your wishes and aspirations. Before your arrival, we can identify your needs and start your relocation program remotely!


Tell us what you want from us!


Booking nights in Hotel, Airbnb or B&B (to be defined according to your preferences).

Two meals in typical restaurants.

Sight-seeing tour of Porto and the surrounding area.

Study of your needs and development of your relocation program.

General and practical information on administrative procedures.

Professional Networking, if necessary.


We’ll assist you in all steps!

We are here to support your goals & dreams!

Tell us how we can help you!

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