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Whether you’re an entrepreneur embarked on a new adventure, an executive newly settled here with your family, an individual with dreams to move abroad, a retiree desiring a more tranquil and economically reasonable lifestyle, or a student temporarily studying abroad, there can be many unforeseen and unexpected changes in store.

It’s a personal experience full of  choices.

And what is certain is, with us, you will be prepared and ready for the most pleasant and enriching experience possible.

In order to minimize the unexpected, optimal preparation is indispensible.

Organising your new life abroad involves not only carrying out a whole series of steps but also familiarizing yourself with the host country to limit the impact of cultural shock and facilitate your integration. Preparing the installation abroad, in its practical aspect, usually requires some months of preparation : administrative formalities, choice of school for children and registration, organization of the international move… The cultural dimension of adventure is not to be overlooked either.


Warming up!

Each project is a special case and will be treated by us as such. There is no magic recipe, but for your adventure to be enjoyable and enriching, it must be prepared, planned and especially accompanied.

This is why we adapt our services scrupulously to your needs but also to your wishes and aspirations. Before your arrival, we can identify your needs and start your relocation program remotely!


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