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You are an international company and send, for a more or less long mission, one of your employees to Portugal.

You are a local company bring a foreign employee.

In any case, we are here to help him, and his spouse and children, to settle in Portugal, to allow you to maximize your investment, allowing him to be more focused on his work and, therefore, more productive.

The management of mobility is complex and cumbersome for companies and for its employees and families.


We assist private companies, SME, multinationals, institutions, government agencies or international organizations that want to implement their non-Portuguese employees and frameworks for a short or a long period.

In partnership with you, we will help you succeed in their facilities and integration.

Direct financial gain: quick support to avoid costly nights.
– Indirect financial gain: personalized care of the employee so that he can be fully present in the company!

Employee and his family

All our attention will be given to your employee and family to make their stay, installation and day-to-day life a positive experience.

Real comfort: personalized accompaniment on all the steps, to answer all of his questions and build his confidence.

Business Tourism

A congress? – A meeting? – A conference? – A convention? – A gift trip?

For your company, whatever the event, Portugal offers you an ideal setting for its operation : an easy and pleasant country, less costs and our know-how for its organization.

A tailor-made benefit for each company according to its needs, its desires and budget!


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Employee housing :

  • Property pre-selection, according to your search criteria;
  • Presentation of selected property;
  • Property Visits;
  • Contract support;
  • Translation and Interpreting Services;
  • Moving Support;
  • Opening daily contracts advice and support : water, electricity, telephone, etc…

Business Tourism

You ask, we organize!

  • Organising seminars;
  • Conference attendance;
  • Meetings;
  • Customer Gifts;
  • Incentive trips.

Tell us what you want from us!

HR management

  • Employee accommodation
  • Support in local formalities
  • Opening daily life main account


  • Rental Contract Termination
  • Daily Contracts Termination
  • Moving Assistance

Business Tourism

  • Seminars organization
  • Incentive trips


  • Information
  • Networking

We are here to support your goals & dreams!

Tell us how we can help you!

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