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Need of some advices? Get ready! A reconnaissance trip? Plunge! A home needed? You are not alone! Manage your day-to-day life? We help you! Some investment opportunities? Jump in! Employees abroad? Outsource this service!

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The reasons that led you to choose a personal or professional expatriation are varied!

Your needs are specific!

Our services adapt and adjust to your needs and requests.

You have Needs, We have Solutions!

Organising your new life abroad involves a whole series of steps. For more simplicity, we propose you packs including the main services!


An undeniable comfort!


A reconnaissance trip?


Day-to-day life

A successful social integration?

Let us help you with your installation!

HR Management

Mobility of your employees?

Outsource this service!


Is your car following you?

We drive its legalization!


Find your new home?

You are not alone!

House wealth

A sale project?

We manage your property assets!


Mission completed?

Let us help you with your return!


You wish to manage alone?

We guide you!


You took your decision?

Let us help you with your expatriation!


A new challenge?

Jump in!

Business tourism

A seminar, a gift?

Let us help you with its organisation!

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Our Differences

Flexible Services

Flexible Services

The reasons that led you to choose a personal or professional expatriation are varied and therefore your have specific needs … our services and pricing adjust to your needs and requests.

Easier communication

Easier communication

Only one interlocutor in the language of your choice (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese) for clear and concise information. A work always in close collaboration with you for a relationship based on transparency.

Solid Partnerships

Solid Partnerships

Permanent contact with economic and social actors (real estate agents, private owners, institutions, administrations, businesses, craftsmen) for rigorous selection of professionals.

We are here to support your goals & dreams!

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